CAMILIA - The night

The Boiron Group communicates about the product Camilia for the first time in television. And it is Jérémy Clapin, the director of the short-film "Skhizein", that was in charge of the direction of this campaign. 

   Product:  Camilia
   Title:  « The night »
   Type:  TV advert
   Client:  Boiron Group
   Agency:  Jump France
   Production:  Swan France
   Animation Studio:  Vanilla Seed
   Art direction:  Didier Serrière
   Copywriting:  Didier Serrière
   Designs:  Jérémy  Clapin
   Direction:  Jérémy  Clapin
   Duration:  15 sec
   Supports:  TV & Print
   Diffusion:  From May 2010