Homéoplasmine follows you in every situation. A skin irritation after a cycle ride, a redness after a gardening session or a boo-boos in the toboggan, Homéoplasmine is a simple and an easy solution for adults and children over 30 months.  

This film was directed by Stéphane Berla with the help of the Studio Forêt Bleu. 

   Product:  Homéoplasmine
   Title:  « All in one» 
   Client:  Boiron Group
   Agency:  Jump France
   Production:  Swan France
   Animation Studio:  Forêt Bleue
   Art Direction:  Olivier d'Arfeuille
   Copywriting:   Eric Chassaing
   Direction:  Stéphane Berla
   Designs:  Fred Remuzat
   Duration:  15 sec
   Medium:  TV & Print
   Diffusions: From October 2008